National Organization of State Kidney Programs



NOSKP was established in 1980 to facilitate collaboration between state kidney programs to more effectively address the needs of programs with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).  The 21 state programs (including Puerto Rico) described in this directory provide more than $60,000,000 annually to assist ESRD consumers with expenses related to their treatment, and in some programs to encourage education, prevention, and research related to kidney disease. 


The Directory of State Kidney Programs provides information about these programs.  Although all states provide financial assistance to ESRD consumers through state Medicaid programs, only a select number of states administer special programs to supplement Medicaid and Medicare benefits.  NOSKP strongly encourages the development of state kidney programs as Medicaid, Medicare, and other third-party payers may not cover the entire expenses of ESRD treatment.  For information about ESRD services from states not listed in this directory, contact the particular state’s Department of Health or Medicaid program.


The last page of this directory provides the names, addresses, telephone and fax number for other organizations providing services or advocacy related to ESRD.


For a list of states that have a kidney program and a short description of the program follow the link If you have further questions you may call the Missouri Kidney Program at 1-800-733-7345.