"The Living Gift: Education about Living Kidney Donation" Brochure

Research has shown that prospective living kidney donors can have questions about their own transplant experience that they are afraid to discuss with their medical providers for fear that they will be ruled out as living donors.  Dr. Amy Waterman is a Health Psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis , Missouri who conducts research to understand why living donors donate and what concerns they have about donation.  Based on her research findings, the brochure, "The Living Gift: Education about Living Kidney Donation," was designed for potential kidney donors to address their common concerns about living donation.  Living donor content discussed includes deciding to donate, donor medical eligibility, benefits and risks to donation, common donor concerns, the donation surgery, and preparing for donation. The brochure includes quotes and recommendations from actual living donors.

Both these brochures are currently being used by transplant and dialysis centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe and can be added as supplementary material to education currently used by a specific facility. This brochure is available for purchase ($2.50/brochure for English) by contacting Tammy Turner via e-mail  or at the phone numbers below: 

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