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MedPrep I

How to prepare yourself to become a competitive medical school applicant.

The focus of this workshop is for participants to gain insight into what makes a well-rounded applicant, explore careers in medicine, obtain a better understanding of the importance of research and community service, participate in various sessions such as financial aid, quality and safety, problem-based learning, simulation, rural track and individual advising. In addition, there is a panel sessions with current medical students.

When are the workshops held?
The next scheduled workshops are on October 9th and 10th, 2014.

Who can apply to participate?
College juniors and above. Some exceptions may apply, please contact the coordinator with questions.

What is the format and when is this event held?
Two workshops are held each year, one in the winter and one in the fall. The event is on the University of Missouri campus and includes one evening and one entire day.

Who are the speakers?
Faculty and admission staff will lead you throughout the workshop.

Session Overview
Session may include the followings:

  • Individual advising
  • Careers in medicine
  • Academic preparation
  • Personality characteristics
  • Simulation Center
  • PBL
  • Rural track
  • Financial aid
  • Quality and safety
  • Community service and volunteerism
  • Research
  • Health Care Trends

(If you have any question regarding the program, please contact Mizzou MedPrep coordinator at mizzoumedprep@health.missouri.edu or call 573-884-6375.)